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ABOUT market value professionals

Our mission is clear; deliver the most reliable information within the best possible turnaround time.  Since 1991, Steven L. Maher & Associates have been preparing real estate appraisals to a plethora of different lending institutions.  However, due to the recent changes in the Federal Laws, we are now concentrating to facilitate our efforts to provide these services as an independent, objective and impartial valuation services to the general market.

As a Real Estate Appraiser Company, now is the time when the buyers, sellers, real estate agents and attorneys need assistance due to the changing policies and standards by FDIC, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other lender regulators.

Market Value Professionals Corporation is changing to the current industry's evolution by providing numerous different valuations products from Desktops, Gross Living Area measurements, Rental Surveys and full appraisals.




We are working with HomeAdvisors & Angie's List in order to capture the needed valuation professional markets which are:

  • Homeowner's Valuation assurance for Homeowners selling directly to companies (OfferPad; Knock!; Open Door;   Zillow; Redfin

  • Desktop Valuation and full valuations for Real Estate Agents for their buyers and sellers

  • Tax Appeals

  • Divorce Distribution of Assets

  • Legal Real Estate Issues

  • Estates Real Estate Valuations

  • Real Estate Insurance

  • Renovations Subject to Values

  • ANSI Measurements for agents, buyers and sellers

Appraisers North Carolina

North Carolina Current Coverage

  • Mecklenburg County

  • Union County

  • Cabarrus County

  • Gaston County

south Carolina Current Coverage

  • York County

  • Neck of Lancaster County

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